Group 5 1

1. Handling of simplified procedures with entries in the register in a recognized place

2. Customs clearance according to the standard customs procedure

3. Temporary storage warehouse - from the warehouse / release for circulation / applying the T1 transit procedure

4. Release for circulation pursuant to Article 33a of the VAT Act

5. Internal transit (T2)

6. T1 common transit procedure:

  • European Union, Iceland, Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Andorra, San Marino, United Kingdom, Ukraine

7. Working after office hours

8. T2L confirmation of the EU status of goods

9. Handling of consignments subject to border control

  • Veterinary (TRACES)
  • Epidemiological and sanitary inspection
  • Plant and seed protection inspection (WIORIN, PIORIN)
  • Wijhars

10. Security of customs and tax liabilities

11. Recognized place – application of the export procedure – export

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